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Our company mission is to showcase a wide selection of properties and provide an individualized approach to each client. Greekland is well-versed in every aspect of buying/selling real estate as well as preparing immigration documents.The needs of the client come first, and we are always open to networking and exploring new business opportunities. By paying the utmost attention to detail, we minimize the risks inherent to real estate investment. 


No deal is too large, too small, or too complex. We offer apartments at €35,000 for university students or waterfront villas at €250,000 for those who seek 5-year residency for their families through the Greek Golden Visa program. Greekland also offers services for those interested in Greek citizenship via investment. The program requires a minimum investment of €500,000 in real estate and a total investment portfolio of €2 million. 


Our priority is to assist any and every client in acquiring real estate in Greece. This is possible thanks to our network of homeowners, developers, lawyers, notaries, accountants, civil engineers, and representatives and agents in Athens and Moscow. The client always reserves the right to carry out additional legal review at any stage of the transaction.

Welcoming this outside review highlights our honest approach to selling real estate. 


The Greekland online catalog features residential and commercial properties with detailed property information including year built, location, area, distance from airport or sea, and more. All properties listed are fully legal, ready-for-sale, and at fair market price. 


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